Pure silk “Habutae #6” ivory hard
Artsilk “10000 Satin” fluorescent white hard

Pure silk “Habutae #10” ivory hard

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Pure silk pre-starched fabric.

All pure silk fabrics have numbers from #4 to #20 that means silk thread count, i.e. the higher the number is, the higher is the fabric count and density.
Requires no additional treatment, it is specially stiffening fabric for artificial flower making.
Silk fabrics are most popular with flower artists. The flowers made of silk are closest to nature. Perfectly suits for dyeing in several layers. It does not rustle and lose its properties over the years.

Size of your choice:
– 9″x10″ (23x25cm)
– 18″x20″ (46x50cm)
– 36″x40″ (92x100cm)

Material: silk natural
Color: pale ivory
Proofing: solid (hard)
Transparency: transparent
Surface: smooth, low gloss
Country of origin: Japan

Choose size:

9"x10" (23x25cm), 18"x20" (46x50cm), 36"x40" (92x100cm)


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