Flower foam egg-shaped cores by 1 pcs
Wool horse brushes (3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24mm)

Floral glue PVA (soft, hard) 130gram



Special flora glue for fabric flowers making

Has two types of density – thin (soft) and thick (hard)

Floral glue
This glue is specially designed for flower making and gluing fabric flowers. Thin glue is used mainly for gluing petals and sticking tapes. Thick glue is used for gluing the wire and flower assembling. Both glues when drying become transparent. Leave no traces (stains).
Made in Japan.

Choose density:
– soft (thin)
– hard (thick)

Volume: 130gram

Вес Н/Д
Choose density:

soft (thin), hard (thick)


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