Cotton “New Superfine Velvet” white hard
Hagoromo 75 Lame Taffeta, Gold, Hard

Cotton “Crepe” white hard

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Artificial cotton spre-starched fabric.

Japanese professional proofed fabric for flower making.
Thick opaque fabric (density as usual cotton). Thin pile and waves on the front side. It is used for making petals, leaves, where firm structure is needed, e.g. bands.
Fabric requires no special treatment.
Perfectly suits for processing with tools.
No rustling, moisture-proof, holds its shape over many years.

Size of your choice:
Material: cotton
Color: white
Proofing: hard
Transparency: opaque
Surface: rough, fleecy, matt, waves
Country of origin: Japan

Choose size:

#18"x20" (46x50cm), #36"x40" (92x100cm), #9"x10" (23x25cm)


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