Stem tapes (brown, moss green, green, olive) 20mm, 1m (“40 inch)
Paper papyrus tape 9mm per 5meters in bundle (16 ft)

Pre-starched silk tape 5, 8, 12mm (white, green) by 5 meter (16 ft)


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Pre-starched silk tape (white, green)

Art Silk “Usukinu” tape for floral arrangements

Price per 5 (five) meter (16 ft)

Tape silk fabric pre-starched “Usukinu”
This tapes does not require additional stiffening processing.
It has smooth edges. It is used for winding stems is fixed with glue.
White tape can also be painted in other colors.

Choose width:
– 5mm
– 8mm
– 12 mm

Choose color:
– white
– green

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Choose color and size:

white 5mm, white 8mm, white 12mm, green 5mm, green 8mm, green 12mm


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