FC1378TS. Carnation Leaf, Superfine Satin, Hard, Size=10mm×90mm
FC1024TS. Carnation Petal, Superfine Satin, Hard, Size=55mm×55mm

FC1453TS. Carnation Calyx, Superfine Satin, Hard, Size=50mm×45mm


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Carnation Calyx fabric stamps

Price per 1 (one) sheet piece.
You can choose any pieces of sheets in Qty field.

Die cuts are made by pressing treated (proofed) fabric, which makes it possible to obtain an accurate size and smooth edges without burrs.
Various fabrics are applicable: silk, cotton, viscose, poplin, organza, blended fabrics, velvet, linen
They are of particular use when you need to make a large number of flowers.
Ready for shaping!

Part of the flower: Calyx
Fabric: Superfine Satin


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