P200. Japanese stamens, white shaped head 3mm
Artsilk “Usukinu” Light-green hard

Sponges for artificial flower making (soft, medium, hard)



Pads for flower crafting and hot pressing

  • With cotton fabric for protect them against the damage
  • Do not rubber
  • Do not crumple
  • Used with flower making tools
  • High quality Japanese product
  • Made of polyurethane foam

Hard – most commonly used when working with delicate tools such as ultra-thin spoons, knife, working heads of small diameters. Needed for the creation of more relief patterns on the leaves, as well as when working with small flowers, lilies-of-the-valley, bells, etc.;
Medium – quite universal sponge, convenient when working with petals and leaves of small and medium size;
Soft – used when working with petals of larger size, i.e. where large convex shapes are needed;

Weight N/A
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Hard, Medium, Soft


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