Flower materials Kit “Carnation Big”
P245. Japanese stamens, big white shaped head 5mm

01. Cut-out pre-starched (stiffened) petals and leaves (5pcs per pack)


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Petal and leaves fabric stamps for flowers.

Price per 5 pcs (five) sheets pieces.
You can choose any pieces of sheets in Qty field.

Die cuts are made by pressing treated (proofed) fabric, which makes it possible to obtain an accurate size and smooth edges without burrs.
Various fabrics are applicable: silk, cotton, viscose, poplin, organza, blended fabrics, velvet, linen
They are of particular use when you need to make a large number of flowers.
Ready for shaping!


Choose type and fabrics:
1) SA-1016GS. Primrose Petal, Superfine Satin, Hard, Size=32x32mm
2) SA-1016U. Primrose Petal, Usukinu, Hard, Size=32x32mm
3) SA-1016OG. Primrose Petal, Organdy, Hard, Size=30x30mm
4) SA-1017NTB. Primrose Petal, Superfine Velvet, Starched, Size=30x30mm
5) SA-1017TP. Primrose Petal, Superfine Poplin, Hard, Size=30x30mm
6) SA-1017GS. Primrose Petal, Superfine Satin, Hard, Size=30x30mm
7) SA-1017U. Primrose Petal, Usukinu, Hard, Size=30x30mm
8) SA-1018NT. Gypsophia Petal, Superfine Velvet, Starched, Size=20x20mm
9) SA-1018TM. Gypsophila Petal, Superfine momen(Cotton), Hard, Size=20x20mm
10) SA-1018TP. Gypsophila Petal, Superfine Poplin, Hard, Size=20x20mm
11) SA-1018GS. Gypsophila Petal, Superfine Satin, Hard, Size=20x20mm
12) SA-1018U. Gypsophila Petal, Usukinu, Hard, Size=20x20mm
13) SA-1019NTB. Lily of the Valley Petal, Superfine Velvet, Starched, Size=18x18mm
14) SA-1019U. Lily of the Valley Petal, Usukinu, Hard, Size=18x18mm
15) SA-1020S. Forget-me-not Petal, Siru, Starched, Size=13x13mm
16) SA-1020NTB. Forget-me-not Petal, Superfine Velvet, Starched, Size=13x13mm
17) SA-1020TM. Forget-me-not Petal, Superfinemomen(Cotton), Hard, Size=13x13mm
18) SA-1020U. Forget-me-not Petal, Usukinu, Hard, Size=13x13mm
19) SA-1020TP. Forget-me-not Petal, Superfine Poplin, Hard, Size=13x13mm
20) Gypsophila Petal, Superfine Velvet, Starched, Hard, Size=16x16mm,
21) Gypsophila Petal, Superfinemomen(Cotton), Hard, Size=16x16mm
22) Gypsophila Petal, Superfine Poplin, Hard, Size=16x16mm
23) SA-1500GS. Gypsophila Petal, Superfine Satin, Hard, Size=16x16mm
24) SA-1023GS. Carnation Petal, Superfine Satin, Hard, Size=77x77mm
25) Gypsophila Petal, Usukinu, Hard, Size=16x16mm


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