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Floral wire in papyrus braiding Green 20pcs per bundle

Floral wire in papyrus braiding White 20pcs per bundle for silk flower making made in Japan


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Floral wire in papyrus braiding White 14″ (36cm)

20 pieces in one bundle

Floral wire with papyrus paper braid. It is used to shape and stabilize flowers, petals and stems.
The thickness depends on gage number, e.g. #18 is the thickest and #35 is the thinnest.
There is also a choice of two colors: white and green.
Wire can be easily painted and glued with thick floral glue.

Length: 14″ (36cm)
Made in Japan.

Thickness of your choice (thick to thin):
– #18 – 1,21mm
– #20 – 0,91mm
– #22 – 0,71mm
– #24 – 0,55mm
– #26 – 0,45mm
– #28 – 0,37mm
– #30 – 0,31mm
– #33 – 0,27mm
– #35 – 0,21mm

Upgrade your crafting game with our high-quality Japanese Papyrus braided wire. Designed for the most intricate and delicate projects, this wire is made using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations, resulting in exceptional quality and strength.

Measuring 36cm (14 inches) in length, our Papyrus braided wire comes in a beautiful green and white color that’s perfect for creating lifelike flowers and other botanicals. The braided design adds a unique texture and visual interest to your creations.

One of the biggest advantages of Japanese floral wire is its flexibility. This wire can easily be shaped and molded to fit any design, making it perfect for creating flower stems, branches, and other structural elements. Plus, it’s strong enough to hold even the heaviest and most intricate projects.

So why settle for anything less? Invest in our high-quality Japanese floral wire and take your crafting projects to the next level.

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#18, #20, #22, #24, #26, #28, #30, #33, #35


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