Artsilk “Superfine Satin” Black, Hard
03. Cut-out pre-starched (stiffened) petals and leaves (5pcs per pack)

Books library access


Flower making books library access

3 books on flower-making in English, 6 books in Russian and 112 books in Japanese

After purchasing you will get the link to google drive disk with books, video, and patterns.

Here is a list of all books about silk flower crafting:

English books:

  1. Adornments. Myra Callan
  2. Handmade Silk Flowers. Bruce Miller and Mary Donnely

Russian books:

  1. Fabric flowers. Fedotova 
  2. Fabric flowers. Stelmachuk
  3. Fabric flowers #2. Stelmachuk
  4. Fantasy flowers. Lyshuk
  5. Fabric and leather flowers. Kotova
  6. Fabric flowers. Kozinkina

Japanese books:

Book No. 1 Withered flowers Yamagami Rui 1996
Book No. 2 We make flowers from cloth Yamagami 1984 year
Book No. 3 Flowers from the Tissue Yamagami Rui 1981 year
Book No. 4 Flowers of different seasons (160 pages) – 1988 year
Book No. 5 Roses Yamagami Rui 184 pages 1983 year
Book No. 6 Meadow Flowers Meadow Grass 1884 year
Book No. 7 Flowers for wreaths and bouquets 1991 year
Book No. 8 Big and small flowers Yamagami Rui 1987 year
Book No. 9 My aprons and vegetables made from cloth Yamagami Rui
Book No. 10 Mountain flowers Mountain fruits Yamagami 1-176 page
Book No. 11 Persons of flowers, the face of grass Yamagami Rui 1992 1-136
Book No. 12 Gifts from flowers 136 pp. Yamagami
Book No. 13 The color palette Yamagami Rui 160 pp. 1990
Book No. 14 Roses 2 Yamagami Rui 184 pages 1983
Book No. 15 Needlework made of leather. Main techniques and applications »Kavaai Kyoko (1971)
Book No. 16 Colored flowers of leather. We make leather accessories, simple beads for interiors Teranisi Toki
Book No. 17 Fundamentals and techniques of handicraft from the leather of Kavaai Kyoko (1999)
Book No. 18 Beginners can also easily and joyfully create new brooches from the leather of Kavaai Kyoko
Book No. 19 Glazed Leather Flowers Cavao Kyoko
Book No. 20 Applied art from raw leather and needlework from new leather Basic techniques and applications Kavaai Kyoko
Book No. 21 Artificial flowers Advanced level Iida Tomoko and Miyuki
Book No. 22 Flowers for the interiors by Iida Tomoko
Book No. 23 Wild flowers Iida Miyuki and Iida Tomoko
Book No. 24 Continuation of the manual on the creation of artificial flowers
Book No. 25 Flowers of the Four Seasons Miyuki School
Book No. 26 Book of Roses of Miyuk
Book No. 27 Interior decor and bouquets Flowers Miyuki
Book No. 28 Roses Iida Tomoko 1988
Book No. 29 Miniature artificial flowers Iida Miyuki Iida Tomoko 1977
Book No. 30 Artificial Flowers Art Flower. Topic and application 1980
Book No. 31 Flowers from the leather of Aoyama Kadzue 1982
Book No. 32 Flowers Orchids 1979 year Iida Miyuki Iida Tomoko
Book No. 33 Enjoying the Orchids Iida Tomoko 1997
Book No. 34 On New Staining Laws New ways of drawing roses Iida Tomoko 1994
Book No. 35 Introduction to the pleasing art of creating artificial flowers Iida Tomoko
Book No. 38 Hand-made flowers from the leather of Hara Hiroko 1982
Book No. 40 Accessories from the flowers of Hirata Akio
Book No. 41 Flowers from the fabric of Moren Suzuki
Book No. 42 Original flowers Collection of works Matsui Teruko 1995
Book No. 43 A flower painted in the color of a dream Original painted flowers Takhebasi Etsuko
Book No. 44 Mirrors and artificial flowers Iida Miyuki Iida Tomoko
Book No. 45 Delicate flowers I met New collection 3 Author Iida Tomoko
Book No. 46 Collection of works of artificial flowers Healing Nunobana Takeno Mivako
Book No. 47 Artificial flowers for the wedding Bouquets and corsages Iida Tomoko
Book No. 48 Wild flowers of Australia According to the new staining rules Iida Tomoko
Book No. 49 Corsages Iida Miyuki Iida Tomoko
Book No. 50 Exquisite artificial flowers Special course Part 1 Author Iida Tomoko
Book No. 51 Elegant flowers of fabric Part 2 According to the new staining rules, the NHK Women’s Encyclopedia Iida Tomoko
Book No. 52 Nunobana, blossoming, The house where Nunobana blossoms Collection of works by Hand Kimie
Book No. 53 Flowers among the grasses Collection of new works 2 Iida Miyuki – editor, Iida Tomoko – author
Book No. 54 Exquisite field herbs Iida Miyuki and Iida Tomoko
Book No. 55 Narrative of roses Sayoko Yasuda 1986
Book No. 56 Proud of roses in full bloom Sayoko Yasuda 1996
Book No. 57 Illusion of Silk Sayoko Yasuda 1991
Book No. 58 Decoration with roses Sayoko Yasuda 1984
Book No. 59 Creating artificial flowers Hieroglyph Rose by Nijum Naomi
Book No. 60 Gracious Artificial Flowers 1980 Niidzuma Naomi
Book No. 61 Wedding bouquets hand-made flowers for the bride’s decoration Moren Suzuki
Book No. 62 The time of flowers flowers from cloth Moren Suzuki
Book No. 63 Flowers from haute couture Katsura Yumi (Naomi) we make the Soraban from artificial flowers that no one has seen
Book No. 64 Brooches of Flowers Series of Needlework 94 Moren Suzuki 1985
Book No. 65 Creation of creative crafts Hana Goyomi Flower season Naomi Niyidzuma 1994
Book No. 66 Hats, caps, Panama
Book No. 68 Bouquets and boutonnières that can be created from artificial flowers Murai Chiyoko
Book No. 69 Silk Flower Wedding Bouquet Tanigawa Keiko 2002
Book No. 70 Beautiful artificial flower, decorate the interior Sakisaka Rumiko 2012
Book No. 71 Flowers from the fabric, decoration of the season Zhongshan Shige 2007
Book No. 72 Flowers from crepe de chine of four seasons by Takahashimi Emiko 2000
Book No. 73 Making flowers from tissue by Tomoko Tanaka
Book No. 74 Flower accessories made from cloth Foot of Joki 2004
Book No. 75 Flowers made from hand-woven fabric 2001
Book No. 76 New Wedding Flowers Iida Tomoko 1982
Book No. 77 Come to the art of flowers Iida Tomoko 1985
Book No. 78 Flowers decorate the room Iida Tomoko 1989
Book No. 79 Flower for the wedding-hand-made flower Moren Suzuki 1985
Book No. 80 Collection of flowers from cloth and quilting Suzuki Michiko 2004
Book No. 81 Making artificial flowers of four seasons, according to a new method of staining Iida Tomoko 1994year
Book No. 82 The Art of a Leather Flower Harueu Yoshida
Book No. 83 Field flowers Iida Tomoko 1988
Book No. 84 Beautiful artificial flowers Iida Miyuki and Iida Tomoko 1988
Book No. 85 Flowers of the World. Memories of travel in colors »Iida Miyuki and Iida Tomoko 1984
Book No. 86 Beautiful Roses Iida Miyuki and Iida Tomoko 1982
Book No. 87 Conference of Masters, 4th year Notebook by Sayeko Yasuda
Book No. 88 Conference of Masters, 8 course Sayoko Yasuda
Book No. 89 Roses and seasonal flowers Yasuda Sayoko 1984
Book No. 90 Symphony of a hundred flowers Sayoko Yasuda 1991
Book No. 91 Infinite charm of flowers One hundred flowers from Manjosu Sayoko Yasuda 1996
Book No. 92 Conference of Masters, 7th year Notebook by Sayoko Yasuda
Book No. 93 Conference of Masters, 6th year Notebook by Sayoko Yasuda
Book No. 94 Artificial flowers, part 2 Sayoko Yasuda
Book No. 95 Masters Conference, 1 year Sajoko Yasuda’s Notebook
Book No. 96 Artificial Flowers, Part 1 Notebook Sayoko Yasuda
Book No. 97 Thirty kinds of bouquets Notebook Sayoko Yasuda
Book No. 98 Masters Conference, 2nd year Sayoko Yasud’s Notebook
Book No. 99 Conference of Masters, 5th year Notebook by Sayoko Yasuda
Book No. 100 Conference of Masters, 3rd year Notebook by Sayoko Yasuda
Book No. 101 Artificial roses Iida Miyuki, Iida Tomoko 1977
Book No. 102 Beauty of Handmade Flowers Iida Miyuki, Iida Tomoko 1979
Book No. 103 Soeban Kanako Uchida 1984
Book No. 104 Flowers painted by hand Part 2, edited by Kasamatsu Sadao 1982
Book No. 105 Miyuki Art Flowers Wildflowers, mountain flowers Iida Tomoko
Book No. 106 Flower Fantasy Meeting with art of floriculture and Art Nouveau by Iida Tomoko
Book No. 107 Flower-making Art of the color-making of Miyuki, the highest step Iida Miyuki, Iida Tomoko
Book No. 108 Flower-Making Art of Color-Making by Miyuki, Research Section Iida Miyuki, Iida Tomoko
Book No. 109 Flowers for the Wedding by Iida Miyuki
Book No. 110 Color-making for Beginners Part 1 Iida Tomoko
Book No. 111 Flowers Painted by Hand Edited by Kasahara Sadao
Book No. 112 A new collection of color-making. Using a new coloring method »Iida Tomoko
Book No. 113 A new collection of Roses by Iida Tomoko
Book No. 114 New collection 1 Iida Tomoko
Book No. 115 The art of Miyuki color-making, a course for beginners Iida Miyuki and Iida Tomoko
Book No. 116 Beautiful bouquets. Color combinations »Iida Tomoko
Book No. 117 Flowers from the leather. Mica flowers Cavaia Kyoko
Book No. 118 Musical staff by Sayoko Yasuda

Welcome to FlowerTools, your one-stop-shop for all your flower making needs! Our focus is on silk floristics, specifically making beautiful flowers out of fabric using the Japanese technique of Somebana. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, our Internet portal has everything you need to get started or improve your skills.

Our Flower Making Books Library is a must-have for any aspiring flower maker. With access to 3 English books, 6 Russian books, and a whopping 112 Japanese books, you’ll never run out of inspiration. After purchasing, you’ll receive a link to a Google Drive disk where you can access all the books, videos, and patterns you need to create stunning silk flowers.

Our materials come with step-by-step instructions, making it easy for anyone to learn the art of flower making. Even if you think you’re not a “tinker,” we believe anyone can learn and develop the skills needed to create beautiful flowers.

So if you want to start making money by creating silk flowers or just want to learn a new craft, FlowerTools is the place for you. Don’t hesitate to browse our selection of flower making tools, materials, and books to start your flower making journey today!


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