Artsilk “Usukinu” green hard
Artsilk “New Gold Satin” white hard

Artsilk “Rayon Satin #20000” fluorescent white medium



Artificial silk pre-starched fabric.

Artificial silk fabric atlas.
Dense, smooth with moderate gloss. Suitable for the creation of dense leaves with a characteristic texture. Suits for dyeing in one layer. Do not rustle and does not lose its properties over the years.

Size of your choice:
– 23х25cm
– 46х50cm
– 92х100cm
Material: viscose
Color: white
Proofing: medium
Transparency: non-transparent
Surface: smooth, light shine
Country of origin: Japan

Weight N/A
Choose size:

9"x10" (23x25cm), 18"x20" (46x50cm), 36"x40" (92x100cm)


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