Refund Policy

If our goods have not fit you for some reason, you can return it within 2 weeks of receipt. If you experience any problems of different nature with the goods (breakage, poor performance), the defective part can be replaced, otherwise you can return the entire set of the goods. The funds shall be reimbursed only after we receive the returned goods to our warehouse. You must confirm the shipment of the goods by the scanned check which you receive at the post office. Money is refunded to the same payment operator, via which you have made the payment. Terms of refund and other conditions associated with the timing can be found at the website of your payment operator. Refund is made with no commission.


We provide lifetime warranty on our tools (working heads). You can return all the goods within 2 weeks. Cut-off goods (dyes, fabrics, ribbons, etc.) are non-refundable.
All costs of returning the goods, as well as taxes in your country, shall be paid by the Buyer.

Guarantee of delivery and insurance of parcels.

Missing parcels are more frequent now. Most often this happens when sending goods to Oceania, the Middle East and South America, less often – to Europe and North America. In this regard, we have to change our conditions of refund guarantee or reshipment of the goods.
We offer two delivery options of your choice:
1) As before, we mark our goods at the minimum customs cost of $35, in which case, if your parcel is missing due to fault of delivery agent, we will reimburse you this cost, i.e. not more than $35, regardless of the order amount (including the delivery cost).
2) We declare the full price of your order, including the delivery cost. In this case, if your order is lost due to fault of delivery agent, we will reimburse you the full cost of your order or will reship you the same order. All customs duties in your country shall be paid by you. You also need to provide a phone number.

Reimbursement application deadlines:
If more than 45 calendar days have passed since the date of shipment, namely since the date of registration of the parcel in the postal service, and you have not received your order yet, we apply for the search of the missing parcel.
The general time for consideration of these applications is 1-2 months. If during this time there is no information on the status of your parcel, we make a full refund.

The choice is yours
By default, if you do not reply within 2 days before the goods are shipped, we choose the second option.