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New Super Soldering Iron

No, it is not just a soldering iron. This is an advanced tool for fans of fabric (silk) floristics. This is a professional tool for the most advanced and only novice masters of flower making. What makes it so unique? Temperature control – dimmer, designed to control the temperature from 40 to 400 degrees Celsius. Times of burnt fabric are finished! You can easily find a comfortable temperature when working with both prepared fabrics and the most delicate ones, such as silk. Handle – made of solid wood (oak), strong. It is larger than that of conventional soldering irons. Designed shape allows you to comfortably hold a floristic soldering iron in your hand. There is a “skirt” at the base of the handle, and it does not allow the hand to slide, therefore it can prevent accidental burns.
Heating tube – made of stainless steel, and the most important thing that it is 1.5 mm thick! A conventional soldering iron is 0.3 mm thick, i.e. new one is more than twice as thick. Quite often the needlewomen and silk craftswomen have complained that when they are strongly involved in a workflow, they can apply excessive force, which results in a soldering iron’s bending. However, this will never happen with our new soldering iron for working heads! Thumbscrew for fixing of working heads. It is very handy thing, for a simple and quick change of working heads. What nozzles (working heads) is it suitable for? This soldering iron is suitable for the nozzles of Japanese production and several other products, which have the nozzle inserted into the heating element. Your nozzle should be 5-6 mm thick. What types of sockets is it suitable for if I live in the US? We complete this floristic soldering iron with an adapter for the US power outlets also for UK EU and AU plugs. It is absolutely suitable for both 110 volt and 220 volt networks.
HandleWood, oak; Length with tube- 26 cm (10 inch)
Heating elementMetal stainless steel tube Length - 130mm; Outer diameter - 13mm; Bore diameter - 6мм;
Power, W60
Current consumption, V110 or 220
Socket sutableUS, UK, AU and EU
Weight, g350
Warranty, months12

Enjoy your use!

We are looking for your feedback on the work of our soldering iron for fabrics, it is very important for us.
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