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How to make payment through PayPal without PayPal account

An Easy Way to Pay by Bank Card

If you do not have a PayPal account and you do not want to register it, but you want to pay by a bank card. It’s easy!
Follow the following graphical prompts:
1. After selecting the goods, please go to the shopping cart (the upper right corner)
2. Review your shopping cart and proceed to payment
3. If you do not want to register and receive the newsletters, please skip the registration (login)
4. Enter your shipping information. In accordance with the new rules of Internet commerce, now you must specify your phone number, in order for your local postman to contact with you in case of the registered shipping or door-to-door shipping. But if you do not want to specify your phone number, you can simply put seven “1”.
Besides, you can opt out of receiving the newsletters and creating an account or, vice versa, accept that. We still recommend creating an account, since you can access our private e-library in your customer’s personal account, as well as receive our newsletters, promotions and gifts.

5. If you want to make a gift or send to another address, please tick here
6. If you have a discount/promotion coupon, please enter the coupon code here
7. Click “Continue with PayPal”
8. On the checkout page, please click on the button “Pay by Debit or Credit Card”. Note: You do not need to register with PayPal.
9. Enter your bank card details and click “Pay”.

Now please wait for the goods delivery!

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