Discount coupons and special offers for intermediaries

Coupons, discounts and wholesales options

It is now profitable to buy wholesale!
Make purchases and get discounts.

You get a discount, depending on your order amount.
To activate the coupon, you must enter the coupon code in the shopping cart of your order.
Choose your coupon:
10% discount for orders from 199$, coupon code: 10discount
15% discount for orders from 399$, coupon code: 15discount
20% discount for orders from 699$, coupon code: 20discount

*Copy the coupon code and enter it in your shopping cart at the checkout
*Please note that the coupons and discounts are not cumulative.

Terms of work with intermediaries and wholesale buyers.

We are always open for any partnership offers.
You have two options to work with us:

Option 1

"Permanent Discount" Discount for a permanent intermediary is 30% for all groups of goods. The shipping cost is calculated separately and automatically on our website. The intermediary is given an individual coupon. The intermediary has no right to transfer the coupon to third parties. The coupon is connected to the intermediary's e-mail. The minimum amount of the intermediary’s first purchase is $500, and the amount of the second and the following purchases is not regulated. The intermediary's coupon does not accumulate with other coupons, promotions and sales.

Option 2

"Bring a Friend" If for any reason you do not want to buy goods from our site independently, you have the opportunity to recommend (promote) our store and products to your friends and acquaintances. In this case, you get a 10% bonus from every sale. The bonus is paid by transfer to your PayPal account. When calculating the bonus, we take into account only the total of the goods, excluding shipping cost. The bonus is paid in 2 (two) weeks after the receipt of the goods by the final buyer (since the buyer has a right to return the goods within 2 weeks).

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